Optical vs. Electrical

Did You Know Optical SpO2 Simulators Are Not A True
Testing Standard And Actually Introduce Uncertainty?

Yes, it’s true. Pulse oximeter manufacturers do not suggest the use of optical simulators because of probe placement issues and the fact these are not true optical simulators; they’re actually an electrically driven optical light source. Let’s review what leading pulse oximeter manufacturers use for testing:

Nellcor: The World’s Leading Pulse Oximetry Manufacturer

Nellcor suggests SmartSat™ to its OEM partners and provides its own Quick Check electrical simulators.

“Electrical simulation is the most accurate and controlled method of testing a pulse oximeter. SmartSat is the only commercially available electrical SpO2 Simulator that tests Nellcor Oximax technology. We suggest it to our OEM partners as our quick check electrical simulators are designed for spot checks and are not designed for the needs of our OEM partners.”

-OEM Support Manager, Nellcor

Masimo: The Leading Motion Tolerant Pulse Oximetry Manufacturer

Masimo includes SmartSat in its OEM Support Manual and also provides a quick check electrical simulator.

“We recommend electrical simulators to our OEM partners and SmartSat is the electrical simulator specified in our OEM Product Support manual. Many of our OEM partners use it for testing our Masimo MS-11 OEM SpO2 modules. Electrical simulation is the most accurate method to test a pulse oximeter, we supply our own simple, quick check electrical simulators.”

-OEM Engineering Support Manager, Masimo Corporation

Philips Medical Systems: The Leading Patient Monitoring Manufacturer

Philips uses SmartSat in product development, technical support and quality control / production testing.

"Clinical Dynamics' SmartSat SpO2 Simulator generates the cleanest, lowest noise signals, and therefore provides the most accurate, reliable test results. With SmartSat's electrical simulation method, you never have to worry about probe placement introducing errors."

-Project Manager, SpO2 R&D, Philips Medical Systems

Datascope: OEM partner of Nellcor & Masimo

Datascope uses SmartSats for testing both Nellcor and Masimo’s OEM modules in engineering, technical support and quality control for production testing.

“Since 1996, Datascope has been utilizing SmartSat for testing Nellcor and our own Datascope pulse oximetry technologies used in a variety of our patient monitors. SmartSat was again suggested to us by Masimo, when we became a Masimo OEM partner and we implemented additional SmartSats for testing our monitors with Masimo pulse oximetry.”

-Production Department Manager, Datascope Corporation

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