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SmartSat in useOther Pulse Oximetry Testers only do half the job. The SmartSat™ Pulse Oximetry Analyzer is the only tester that does the complete job by providing the industry's first Probe Analyzer. The Probe Analyzer includes a Probe Continuity Test that tests the probe independently and can thus isolate opens and shorts - even intermittent ones like those shown in the screen below. Since most pulse oximetry failures are ultimately traced to the probe, SmartSat's Probe Analyzer can save you hours of troubleshooting time.

Make sure your
Pulse Oximetry Tester
can do the complete job:

  • Probe Continuity Test
  • Accurate Direct Electrical Simulation
  • Used / Endorsed by Manufacturers
  • Only Electrical Simulator
    that tests Nellcor OxiMax Technology


When you need an SpO2 simulator, why fool around with testers that use the optical "finger" simulation method? Most pulse oximeter manufacturers do not endorse optical finger simulation because it can actually introduce uncertainty into the SpO2 simulation test. SmartSat is the only universal SpO2 simulator which uses the manufacturer-approved "direct electrical simulation" method to provide unmatched accuracy and reliability. In fact, Smart Sat is used and endorsed by leading pulse oximeter manufacturers and is the industry standard pulse oximetry tester.


More Detailed Specs

SpO2 Simulator Window

Probe Analyzer Window in Probe Continuity mode

simulator window Intermittent opens detected in photo-diode circuit of the probe; SmartSat freezes display after detecting probe faults.
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