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SmartSat™: The Electrical SpO2 Simulator / Probe Tester

The Electrical SpO2 Simulator Used By Manufacturers: SmartSat is used and endorsed by companies such as Nellcor, Masimo, Criticare, Datascope, Philips and other leading manufacturers in production, engineering and service. Optical simulators introduce uncertainty because of probe placement issues and cannot match the performance and simulation capabilities of SmartSat. Nellcor, the leading pulse oximetry manufacturer in the world, uses, endorses and supplies simple electrical SpO2 Simulators for testing which only work on specific types of Nellcor oximeters. SmartSat provides a full-featured, universal electrical SpO2 simulator that tests almost all pulse oximeter brands.

Widest Range of Electrical SpO2 Simulation: No commercially available simulator can match SmartSat's Electrical SpO2 Simulation accuracy, simulation range of 0-100% and pulse rate range of 20 to 300 BPM. It also has advanced simulation features such as Arrhythmias, motion artifact and ambient light simulation.

The Only Electrical SpO2 Simulator To Test Nellcor's Oximax Oximetry: We worked closely with Nellcor to develop the only Electrical SpO2 Simulator interface to test Nellcor's Oximax pulse oximetry.

Independently Tests Pulse Oximeter Probe: Most pulse oximeter failures are a result of probe failures. SmartSat is the only pulse oximetry analyzer that includes built-in probe analyzer ports for directly testing Nellcor, BCI Nonin and Ohmeda probes, without the need for cables to test these 4 brands of probes. Other probe brands / models are tested using high quality probe analyzer cables that "lock-in place" in the Ohmeda Probe Analyzer Port, allowing you to fully check pulse oximeter probes for opens and shorts - even intermittent ones.

Efficient and Easy To Use: Test a pulse oximeter and probe in less than 2 minutes! Other simulators require you to scroll through endless menus and allow you to view either the SpO2 Simulation Screen or the Probe Testing screen. With SmartSat's large display, you can view and use both test screens simultaneously.

Use SmartSat for Pre-Purchase Evaluations of Pulse Oximeters: Use SmartSat's Simulator for performing pre-purchase evaluations of pulse oximeters for your facility. No other simulator can match the accuracy or simulation capabilities of SmartSat.

Battery Operated: SmartSat includes an Electrical SpO2 Simulator and Pulse Oximeter Probe Analyzer in one small and battery portable system. Other testers do not include a probe analyzer or require you to purchase a separate and limited probe analyzer.

High Resolution Graphical Display: SmartSat has a 320 x 240 High Resolution Graphical Display that is easy to read. Other simulators use small, hard to read, character displays.

Most Affordable: Included with each SmartSat purchased is the customer's choice of 2 cable sets. In addition, the reliable digital simulation engine and rugged construction all provide a low cost of ownership.

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